Xkey won't read hard drive

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Xkey won't read hard drive

Postby Lakerfanalways » Wed Jul 17, 2013 8:23 pm

360 revision: I have a falcon with BenQ drive
Firmware: 1.30
Dash revision: ...2.0.16203.0
Drive Type: Falcon
Xk3y revision: idk.

Everything was working fine til today I updated the xkey firmware to the newest one..the xkey works fine, there is no issues with that, but my seagate 4TB external USB 3.0 hard drive will NOT detect..I already made sure I did NOT go over the jpeg limit of 160 I have much less..I checked the hard drive and everything seems fine..so I downgraded back to firmware 1.30 and it works fine, but still the hard drive will NOT recognize..the xkey itself does not freeze(It will freeze sometimes then go back to working again) but still the hard drive will not recognize..the last time I played my XBOX was over a month ago and everything was fine so I have no idea what could be going on now..This has happened to me before so what I did before was unplug the xkey from the back of the xbox and plug it back in but that doesnt seem to solve the issue here..can anyone help..Thanks

Update: Edit: it works now..what I did is I deleted every single jpeg file since April when I last played Injustice God Amongst us and its working fine, one of those jpeg files must have been bad..but now I wonder, should I update to the newest xkey firmware or just leave things the way they are

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